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Recover Afore for foreigners

The Mexican law guarantees the right of foreign workers to receive the accumulated balance in their individual Afore or Infonavit account during the provision of their labor services within the country.

However, many employees and professionals returning to their home country assume they’ve lost the money from their contributions because they often don’t know they can reclaim it or where to begin.

In this regard, the best recommendation is to seek advice and support from a firm like Rescata Tu Afore, which has specialized lawyers and economists to recover Afore and Infonavit for foreigners who have worked in Mexico.

Foreign workers’ savings

Upon leaving Mexico permanently, foreigners lose the possibility of receiving a pension. But this doesn’t mean they are also deprived of the right to the savings generated through contributions. Therefore, workers can request the return of these funds.

Now, to achieve the return of this money, it is necessary to meet certain requirements and carry out a series of procedures. Therefore, it is advisable to have good advice that handles the entire process in a professional, efficient manner, and in compliance with current regulations.

Process to recover Afore Infonavit

In this regard, Rescata Tu Afore offers a service consisting of several phases. The first is to certify that the worker has effectively contributed in Mexico, as well as locating the Afore and estimating the accumulated amount.

Subsequently, the firm presents a proposal for action. If the client accepts it, the company requests a series of documents, and once these are submitted, the law firm initiates the plan to recover Afore and Infonavit for foreigners who have worked in Mexico.

Finally, it is worth noting that the firm does not require advances or payments since it only charges commissions if the process of rescue retirement savings is successful.

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