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Advice on selecting the ideal beard dye for your style

Currently, the number of men desiring to groom their beard has multiplied. They not only seek new styles within the cut itself but also wish to modify the color. For this reason, there are increasingly more establishments dedicated to providing this service.

At Cleverman, they perform beard dyeing tailored to their clients’ preferences, offering variety and quality.

What to consider when choosing a beard dye

It’s clear that before undergoing beard dyeing, several important tips should be taken into account. While the final decision always rests with the client, listening to specialists is crucial for achieving better results.

Most professionals, including experts at Cleverman, maintain that the primary goal is for the person to consider their overall image, opting for a color that matches their hair color. Moreover, this color should be as natural as possible to avoid unwanted shades and reflections.

Another key factor when choosing a beard dye is that hair and skin are not the same on the head and face. Beard hair is much coarser and more resistant to coloring. It’s important to avoid damaging or staining the skin with chemicals.

Characteristics of Cleverman’s beard dye

Cleverman’s beard dye offers full coverage or a salt and pepper style. It stands out for being personalized, reusable for multiple applications, and 100% natural (no irritation, and the appearance is thicker).

Each Cleverman beard dye kit is pre-ordered. The company is exclusively dedicated to enhancing the style and elegance of men, with a unique beard dye in the market.

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